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Margarita Christofilaki

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Handmade wedding & baptism favors

Favors made & decorated by fantasy respecting your personal taste.

Favors with natural materials

Favors decorated with lavender or other herbs , pebbles ceramics or soaps.


Ιnvitations for Wedding and Baptism - simple, romantic, vintage according to your willing we could make the invitation of your choice.

New born Gifts

Should be personal and unique sweet and dreamy

Candy Bar- Decoration

Candy Bar- Decoration For your special baptism –Wedding day we start from the decoration and we create a unique fairytale –Candy bar for all. Let’s Party for every celebration we could make candy bar according your willing just leave your fantasy free.


Welcome to handmade creations by Margarita Christofilaki. To me love and creativity can be found in the most simple things. It is so beautiful to offer and to receive gifts full of kindness & grace.


All of my creations are made with love. They are custom-made to your individual liking giving value to personal touch. I believe that inspiration has many sources: either ourselves or others.

Therefore, by sharing our thoughts and ideas we can create a gift with long lasting memories full of love & light.

Event planning for baptism & wedding services

Our goal is to provide you special & high quolity services to your happy moments

We like to say thank to you through our creations.

Business with us

We make and decorate souvenirs/gifts/favors.

We make and decorate wedding and baptism favors /gifts & souvenirs for professionals

We make gift for small & traditional hotels.

We make small gifts for your guests personalized souvenirs

Gifts for Maternity Hospitals

We make gifts for new mothers and for the adorable babies with useful things for the new born babies.

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